Postmodern Update

We're excited to share with you our first major update to Kentucky Route Zero since the release of Act V in 2020. This update includes a major overhaul of the user interface, called "Modern" mode, new language support and improvements to existing translations, and a sprawling rhizome of bug fixes and improvements.

The new "Modern" interface is designed to be more flexible and readable on a wider variety of devices, including tablets and the Steam Deck. But we've also overhauled and improved the "Classic" interface from the original release, and its lo-fi companion, "Retro."

With these interfaces co-existing, overlapping and criss-crossing, deconstructing the grands récits of human-computer interaction, and destabilizing the linguistic locus of the text through multiplication of translations, we could only call this event "The Postmodern Update".

We plan one more update in the near future, in which we plan to add line rendering improvements for high resolutions, and full multi-touch input on the Steam Deck.

Features and improvements:

- Switch freely between "Modern," "Classic," and "Retro" modes.

- New translations: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

- A new Japanese translation.

- Zoom in on details in the scene by holding the right mouse button or gamepad trigger, or pinching the screen.

- Improved touchscreen support makes the game 100% hot dog compatible.

Special thanks to Echo River Translators for the Chinese translation and Tsuchiya Ayumi for the new Japanese translation.

We're always-already grateful for your support, thank you for playing!


Technical Note: This update also moves the save/settings location, as writing data to the "Documents" folder has become problematic in recent operating system versions. Your save and settings data should automatically be copied to the new location when you run the game. See README.txt / RELEASE_NOTES.txt in the game's folders for more detail.

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Great work! Bought this years ago through the Humble Bundle, but grabbed it again here on Itch a couple years ago. It just keeps on giving! Thank you. My favourite game by a long shot.